Mar 10

blonde  BBW

Currently, my favorite site in the BBW Porn Pass network has to be Big and Brutal. Sure, I love watching fat babes get fucked on bbw fuck fest, and I like watching them suck cock at Big Blowjob Chicks, but it is very amusing to watch these cute fat babes struggle to fit these gigantic sex toys inside their tight chubby pussies! Currently there are over 60 chubby chicks at Big and Brutal who all take the challenge to stretch their fat cunts to the limits! The chick below is Tina Rose and she devastated her fat pussy with a toy larger than any cock I’ve ever seen. She started out nice and slow showing off her tits, ass, and pussy, and then went to work with her new best friend, the big black dildo. Click the image above for a free BBW picture sample..


Feb 25

latina BBW
Black Plumper Babe Pleasures Her Hot Fuckbox

Jinger Jewels is a sexy Latina BBW who is all over the BBW Porn Pass network! She works well in any setting, whether it be taking softcore nude pictures, or sucking cock, or a full out hardcore sex movie, Jinger is the Latina chubby for you! However, she did have an incident on the site Big and Brutal where she couldn’t quite live up to the challenge. Thats right, for the first time, there is finally a BBW who took the Big and Brutal challenge and could not make it! She tried and tried to fit that gigantic dildo inside her tight chubby pussy, but no luck. I’ll give her an A for effort, she really did try, and at least she likes the real thing. Click the image above for a free BBW picture sample..


Feb 04

Chocolate BBW
Black Plumper Babe Pleasures Her Hot Fuckbox

Mocha is a Las Vegas stripper who works in the plus-size club. She knows how to move that body, she knows how to fuck, and she knows what makes her feel good. Mocha likes them thick and Big and Brutal has toys bigger than anything she ever imagined! She didn’t use the biggest ones, but she found a very nice fat red toy that is thicker than any normal penis, and she pushed it deep inside her wet chubby black cunt. After getting herself off, she giggled a little and relaxed. Now this thick black babe needs some loving, whos going to give it to her? Click the image above for a free BBW picture sample..


Jan 24

Latina BBW
Fat Brunette Amateur Stretches Her Chubby Snatch

Theres something about seeing a big beautiful chick taking a toy of size that is absolutely priceless. Big and Brutal knows what thats all about and has a massive collection of enormous toys made just for the pussies of large plus-size beauties like Lorelei. Lorelei’s pussy is so nice and perfect, she can’t resist playing with it.. and when we gave her the big black dildo shown in the picture above, she immediately stuck it inside her pussy with no problem at all. This chick obviously loves huge cocks so we thought we’d give her something bigger than she’s ever seen before! She was all about it and you can watch it all for yourself in the members area at Big and Brutal. Click the image above for a free BBW picture sample..


Dec 05

Latina BBW
Sex Starved Latin Chubby Takes the Big and Brutal Challenge

Vanessa Lee is an exotic and beautiful Latina plumper who loves to have sex and get as much cock as she possibly can. While she was at the BBW Porn Pass studio sucking some cock, afterwards she noticed some very large sex toys laying around.. She thought to herself that she had never tried such a large object before and while it made her nervous, she had to try it out and see how it would feel to shove one of those huge dildos inside her hot latin pussy. Vanessa took the Big and Brutal Challenge and passed with flying colors using both a huge white cock and a very large black cock, because Vanessa loves all shades of cock, and can’t get enough. Click the image above for a free BBW movie sample..


Oct 09

Veronica Bottoms
Thick Plumpette Veronica Bottoms does Big and Brutal

Its never dull on the set of Big and Brutal, the BBW Porn Pass Network website that is all about fat babes inserting fat dildos inside themselves. These aren’t your run of the mill, boring and puny dildos. These sexy toys are absolutely brutal and you have to see the look on the BBW babes’ faces when they are confronted to take the Big and Brutal challenge. Veronica drove 5 hours from her home in California to do her first BBW porn scenes and the boys confronted her to take the Big and Brutal challenge after she was done sucking cock on Big Blowjob Chicks and filmed her first hardcore sex scene for Plumper. She was worried that her tight hairy fuckbox had already taken all it could take for the day, but like a good BBW slut, she took the challenge and met it head on! Today’s free picture sample provides a little teaser of her love making session with a red fat dildo, but you have to watch the video at Big and Brutal to see how it turns out! Click the image above for a free BBW picture sample..


Aug 21

rockabilly bbw
Horny Cute Fat Girl Pleasuring Herself

If you’ve been paying any attention to the best BBW Dildo site on the internet, Big and Brutal, you know this site puts sexy BBWs to the challenge of inserting an extremely large dildo inside their pussies because we know they love a big cock! But now its gotten even better! The site is updated once a week and about 2 months ago, the updates began going up in true high-definition! Sexy fat babes fucking their plump pussies with huge toys in crystal-clear widescreen format! You can see every inch of these cute babes. Take Mona Mounds for example, this bubbly BBW is so horny and ready for cock she took the BBW Big and Brutal Challenge and she passed! The video in today’s free clips has been reduced in quality, but inside the members area they are 1440×1080 and HUGE! of course there are also smaller versions for people with slower connections who just want to see fat girls fucking themselves! Click the image above for a free movie sample..


Aug 14

SSBBW Ginger tight jeans
Super Size BBW getting out of her tight jeans

Sometimes it seems there is clothing made especially for BBW’s like BBW Ginger. Take for instance, these tight blue jeans in today’s super-size BBW photo set. They are so tight on this plus-size brunette, maybe a little too tight. No problem, she just unzips them so her big belly can hang free and slowly removes them revealing the tiny black thong that barely covers her naughty bits! Can you just imagine sliding those to the side and sucking on her plump beautiful pussy lips, the pleasure you would bring to such a beautiful BBW like Ginger Jane. See a free picture sample by clicking the photo above.


Jul 30

rockabilly bbw
Amateur BBW Darla fucks a big toy

Darla came in to do the Big and Brutal challenge, and we had a nice big black dildo ready for her! This is actually her very first internet experience and what better way for a BBW to start her porn career then to see just how big a toy she can fit inside her fat wet pussy! Darla is a chubby momma and she used to fuck for a living so she figured it would be a great way to earn some extra cash while having fun at the same time. She has one of the dirtiest mouths on a porn girl yet and it is a lot of fun to watch this fatty fuck herself brutally until she cums all over the place. Check out Big and Brutal too see it all! Click the image above for a free movie sample..


Jul 29

SSBBW Ginger Feeding
BBW Ginger Enjoying some lovely donuts

There is something special about watching a 300+ pound woman eat! Many fat admirers enjoy watching a large woman in a tiny tight outfit feed herself and stuff her mouth with tasty treats! BBW Ginger Jane has a love for donuts and this love is captured in pictures with today’s update. Chowing down on all these donuts is one of Ginger’s favorite past time and she refers to this as curve enhancement. We love Ginger’s curves and we love watching her enjoy herself. She devoured every last donut and it shows by her extremely large ass! See the entire set and much more at her personal BBW website run exclusively by her! Check out her site now while its still new and you can even chat with Ginger at her members only board! See a free picture sample by clicking the photo above.


Jul 28

SSBBW Ginger
Horny Amateur SSBBW Ginger Jane

Today’s free BBW Ginger picture sample features Ginger wearing a vivid bright neon green outfit and knee high black boots! She has such a perfect body from her head to her toes. Wouldn’t you love to have the pleasure of taking this green outfit off of this big fat babe before fucking her the way she needs? The pictures in this set are free, but to see them all you have to check out Ginger’s personal website. The site is loaded with over 100 sets of amateur BBW pictures and you also get access to everything else in the BBW Porn Pass Network like Plumper TV and Big Blowjob Chicks. Click the image above for a free sample picture gallery.

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Jul 27

SSBBW Ginger
Ginger Jane BBW showing off her stuff

This month, the best BBW porn network on the internet, BBW Porn Pass has opened up its latest BBW solo-girl website - BBW Ginger! It features a sizzilng hot collection of amateur BBW content shot by the woman in the pictures, Ginger Jane. Ginger is a 300+ lb super size bbw from Michigan who got into running her own website after realizing how much she loved to display her big body for her fans and admiers to see. She figured she might as well make a living at it and now she is on the internet for us all to enjoy. Click the image above for a free sample picture gallery.


Jul 21

rockabilly bbw
First-time super size slut Audrey

The folks at Big and Brutal look for BBWs and plus-size babes from all walks of life. Audrey is one who is into the whole rockabilly lifestyle. She has beautiful pale skin and some sexy colorful tattoos that make for a terrific contrast. We thought we would offer her the Big and Brutal Challenge and she was more then happy to take us up on that offer. I rounded up some pictures that were taken while she was getting naked before taking the challenge, and the results are at Big and Brutal! There is some more of Audrey at the BBW Porn Pass network so if you like her, you should get in there now! As of right now it has a total of nine hot BBW sites loaded with sexy BBW adult content. Click the image above for a free picture sample..


Jul 07

holly hills
Fat BBW Babe Holly Hills Fucks Herself

Holly Hills is a busty blonde BBW who lives for sex and cannot get enough! At Big and Brutal, we believe a beautiful BBW can never get too much of a great thing, so we invited Holly to take the Big and Brutal challenge. We let Holly select her favorite large dildo in our collection and fuck her fat shaved twat until she cums all over it. Of course, this big tittied beauty jumped at the chance to show us all how she can get herself off, and the result came out quite nice. Visit Big and Brutal now to see the entire dildo masturbation scene on high-quality video. Click the image above for a free video gallery.